B&B AfricanPrints

Karibu, B&B African Prints is a black-owned, small business that specializes in unique apparel. These incredible prints are accompanied by hand-crafted accessories that are ethically sourced, authentic, and yet – they have a modern flair. Attention to quality and detail sets these breathtaking designs out from the rest!

A message from Beth Mbuthye – FOUNDER &CEO

It is my goal as a Kenyan-American to give back to my hometown, my country while showing the world the beauty and brilliance of East Africa!

I currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia, and had a vision of connecting Kenyan fashion to the Atlanta scene. I always admired my elder sister, who has been a designer and streamstress, since I can remember. She was one of the original businesswomen in my family, well, behind my mom who used to keep bees and sell honey!

So design, fashion, and business have always been in my life and runs thick in my blood!


To enhance quality of life and provide best value products and services to our global customers

Thankyou for visiting my shop and feel free to ask any questions – and certainly let me know if you ever plan a trip to Nairobi, Kenya!! Maybe I’ll see you there!